Eyefinity from ATI – Notable !!

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ATI Eyefinity - MDT A single graphics card powering six displays. Ever imagined that? Well even if you have not thought about it here is Eyefinity from ATI allowing you to run up to six Full     HD (1080p) displays from a single graphics card. With the launch of Windows 7 nearing and DirectX 11 that is coming packed with it will graphics card manufacturers be ready to pounce upon each with a graphics card that boasts a DirectX 11 compatible tag ? Well AMD is sure going to make hardcore gamers go insane with the Eyefinity feature. “AMD also claims that it will be able to produce an “eye-definition optical clarity” at 12 times 1080p HD. With a combined theoretical resolution of 286 megapixels, which AMD says is roughly equivalent to the resolution of a 90-degree arc of what the human eye sees” – Toms Hardware

When it comes to controlling these six humongous displays, everything is controlled at the driver level of the card. Hence, everything can be taken care of from within the Catalyst Software that comes bundled with all ATI graphics cards. The better part is that it will be compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. And also not to leave out the Linux users who can also take advantage of this.

ATI Eyefinity

So the first thing that strikes all of us when we read about this is ‘Will it be able to run Crysis ?’ While we still figure out whether it is going to be yes or no Crytek is working on it at the moment. “Through the seamless multi-display ATI Eyefinity, and the raw compute power packed into the latest ATI Radeon graphics processors, Crytek has an incredible new canvas on which to present our latest PC games in ways that consumers have never experienced before,” said Cervat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek.

Eyefinity at Work

With having to get yourself six Full HD monitors and then buying this graphic card finally will result in a deep hole in your pocket. But if you have enough dough to shell out, then this is the option for you. ATI Radeon GPUs with Eyefinity will work with early all of your existing monitors, but those who wish to tile their desktops across multiple monitors with the utmost of style will want matching sets with the thinnest bezels. AMD said that it is working with Samsung Electronics to introduce ultra-thin bezel monitors and compatible stands that can easily be tiled specifically for the ATI Eyefinity experience.

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